About Us.

Many Chief Tours is an Indigenous-owned and operated business that operates in Calgary and Southern Alberta. We offer authentic Indigenous and eco-tourism experiences around Calgary that showcase the rich Indigenous culture and history of the region.


Our First Nations guides look forward to sharing their culture through sharing the history of the land and sharing stories of their connection to the land.


Join us as we share our knowledge and history in the traditional territory of the Blackfoot People.


What is a Land Acknowledgement?

A Land Acknowledgement is a way of recognizing the traditional territory of the Indigenous people who called this land home. It has been a tradition that dates back centuries for Indigenous people, these acknowledgement recognized Indigenous people relationship to the space and place.


To visitors to this land, it recognizes that non-Indigenous people are visitors to the Indigenous lands of Canada.

Indigenous people had been in Canada since time immortal and are still a thriving part of Canada today and into the future. 



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