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Mohkinstsis Tour

Thank you for booking a tour with us. Below are details to assist you in preparing for the Mohkinstsis Tour.

If you have any questions you can reach out to us at 403-966-9798 or at


Here are a few details for your upcoming tour: The tour is approximately 90 mins to 120 mins depending on the speed of the group.  The trail is a combination of paved trail and gravel. Comfortable footwear suggested for the 2.2 km route.


Tour Meeting Place: St. Patrick's Land, Calgary, Alberta, located in the East Village. 


Getting to St. Patrick’s Island from Deerfoot Trail: Turn off Deerfoot Trail west on Memorial Drive.  Once on Memorial Drive travel west for approximately 3.2 kilometers and turn south on to 4th Avenue SE.  You will pass over Reconciliation Bridge and turn left in approximately 170 meters onto Riverfront Avenue SE.  Once on Riverfront Avenue SE travel approximately 260 meters to a three way intersection and turn left onto Confluence Way SE. Follow Confluence Way SE for approximately 170 meters to three way intersection. 


Where to park?

You will be able to find paid parking in the Calgary Parking Authority Lot 74 on your left or along 6th Avenue SE. (During the weekdays the street parking along 6th Avenue NW is less expensive).


Once you have found a parking spot, walk towards the Bow River, you will see the George C. King Bridge. The tour meeting spot will be approximately 50 meters south of the south end of the George C. King Bridge.


If you get turned around or are unsure if you are in the right location, please 403-966-9798 and we can provide you with assistance.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend comfortable walking shoes, hiking boots are not required. We recommend checking the weather forecast and planning accordingly. Other recommended items to bring would be a camera, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, and reusable water bottles.

Looking for additional information? Have a look at our FAQ section or reach out to us at 403-966 -9798 or at

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